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Teens & Their Changing Bodies

     As a teenager - your body is changing drastically - your body is changing from that of a child's into that of an adult. For many teens it is hard to adjust to these changes. Some teens may feel they are too big and don't like the weight that they are gaining. Some teens may feel they are underdeveloped - and may wish that they could be as tall or as muscular as their peers. Some may feel that they are developing too fast and this is bringing them unwanted attention and perhaps more responsibility than they are ready for and some teens may feel that they are not developing fast enough and being left behind their peers.

     Whatever the problems are that you may be facing - it is important to have a positive body image and to understand what your body is going through. The following is a discussion of teen body image, some of the problems that may arise out of negative body image such as eating disorders and how to have a healthy body image.

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