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     You are a teenager, you're confused about some things, your body is changing, sexual thoughts creep into your mind and your venturing into or through high school and thinking of college. Your brother or sister drives you crazy, your friends like to party but you're not sure what the risks are for drinking or taking drugs. You'd like to be making some of your own money, you have exams coming up that you're not sure you'll be prepared for.... It just goes on. Welcome to your teenage years.

     Perhaps your parents are still together, perhaps you live with an aunt or a legal guardian. You're probably thinking about dating, you're worried about body image, you want to have perfect skin and you have to deal with peer pressure. It's tough, it's life and we want to help. You'll find valuable information within Teen Advisor to help you and your parents or guardian get through this challenging, wonderful time.

     You're coming into your own, learning who you are as you grow into an adult. Embrace it and stay true to your values.