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Teen Schooling & High-school


     A big event in any teenager's life is high-school! It may mean more freedom of choice in your education, more responsibility and maybe even leaving behind some of your friends. No wonder it is scary. You are suddenly in a huge new environment and there isn't anyone to hold your hand! You have got to find your way around your own school, find your locker, meet tonnes of new people and deal with those older students that seem so confident and self-assured. Now you have to eat lunch in the caf and there is no such thing as recess! Ok, these are all aspects about high-school - but here is what most teens are afraid of - the work! High-school is gonna be a different type of work than you are used to, and you are expected to act more independently on you school work and create a higher standard of quality work. Here are some tips to help the average student with the academic aspects of starting high-school.

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