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When Your Parents Fight
     It is normal for parents to fight with each other. These fights may be about money, the future, or chores around the house. When parents have a disagreement, that does not include yelling at each other or raising their voices they are having an argument. When the arguments get louder - they could be called fights. These fights can be loud and things can be said that aren't the nicest - and this can be scary for a kid or teen who is listening. Sometimes, as a member of the family, a teen or child may feel that they had some part in creating the fight between the parents. It is important for children to know that these fights and arguments are part of any healthy relationship.

What Does their Fighting Mean?
     A teen or child may think that because their parents yell and scream at each other and have a fight that they do not love each other anymore or that they are going to get a divorce. Often this is not the case. Although parents may yell and say things that are mean to each other - they often regret this later on and apologize after they have worked it all out.

How does it affect me?
     It is normal for a teen or child to feel upset when they hear their parents fighting. They may feel upset, sad, angry at one or both of the parents or fearful of what the fight may mean. This may end up interfering with the school work and social activities of the child.

Fighting Is Healthy!
     In a happy healthy family fights occur. Fights are a way for people to let out their feelings and keep from letting what bothers them stay all bottled up. And in the end the people fighting usually come to an understanding of each other and feel closer.

It Can Go to Far
     Whenever someone yells, screams and calls another person names - they are not respecting the other person. Now, some parents can do these things and resolve their conflicts and make up after all the bad things understanding that it was just in the heat of the moment. But, the fighting can start to go too far. It has gone too far if it gets physical, and if it is happening too much and the conflicts aren't getting resolved. This is when the fighting has gone too far and it is time to get help. Therapists can get involved and can actually teach people how to with arguments and how to fight.

     They can help by teaching family members to listen to each other and talk about feelings without yelling and screaming. Though it may take some work, time, and practice, people in families can always learn to get along better.

But, what if they can't work it out?

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