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Teen Activities

Top Activities that Teens Do:

1) Sports - baseball, basketball, soccer, skiing, snowboarding, skating, hockey, field hockey, skateboarding, track and field, football ultimate Frisbee, swimming, the list goes on.....
2) Go to movies at the theatre
3) Play video games
4) Watch T.V.
5) Play on the Computer, Surf the Web
6) Chat on the Internet - MSN, ICQ
7) Read books
8) Do homework
9) Go shopping
10) Hang out with friends
11) Rollerblading
12) Go to dances
13) Go on Dates
14) Go to Parties
15) Learn to drive
16) Work
17) Work out at the gym
18) Listen to music
19) Talk on the Phone
20) Gossip
21) Read magazines
22) Collect things
23) Volunteer in their Community
24) Baby-sit younger children
25) Go out for dinner
26) Start their own businesses
27) Make WebPages
28) Paint, draw, sculpt and sketch
29) Write short stories and poetry
30) Play! - Yup you are never too old to play!
31) Rent movies and video games
32) Shop online
33) Have sleepovers
34) Redecorate their bedrooms
35) Plan for their future - schools and career options
36) Hang out with their siblings
37) Make a difference in their community or schools - i.e., join student counsel
38) Experiment with their images - i.e., dye their hair or get their nose pierced!
39) Go on group dates
40) Travel with their families or their schools
41) Go camping
42) Go clubbing (this is for older teens!)