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Raising Teens & Good Parenting

General Tips for Parenting Your Teen

     It is important for parents to realize that adolescence is the last step before becoming an adult. Children must pass through several stages, or take specific steps, on their road to becoming adults. Along the road - you can pick up tips on how to deal with your young infants and young children and learn how to deal with them. You cannot say the same thing about learning to talk with teenagers (adolescents). It seems like everyone, even teachers and neighbours have problems understanding them.

     You can begin to understand this age group if you look at its place on the growth sequence. Notice how teen-hood is right before adulthood; it is the last step before being an adult. This is a time for adolescents to decide about their future line of work and think about starting their own life in a few years. One of the first things they must do is to start making their own decisions. For example, adolescents can begin to decide what to buy with their own money or who will be their friend. To do this they must put a little distance between themselves and their parents. This does not mean that you can't continue to "look after them" or help them when needed. You should, as much as possible, let them learn from the results of their actions.

     Adolescents also need to be around other adults, both male and female. These can be relatives, neighbors, or teachers. Of course, they should be positive role models. Your teenagers can learn from them about things like how to fix the car, getting along with others, or ideas for future jobs. Finally, don't worry if they want to spend time alone. Adolescents can "spend hours" day dreaming about their future life. They might be planning the things they can do or will buy "when they grow up." Remember, to travel far, one begins with the first few steps! Aside from all of the complicated issues that you are going to need to address with your teens (see other sections for more details!) there are a few tips that you can consider first and foremost when parenting your teen - which will helpfully make the process a rewarding and interesting journey!

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