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Problematic Teens

Coping with Difficult Teens

     Does your teen contiguously argue and debate with you, or do they withdraw and evade your company? Do they hang out with their friends all the time, and do, wear or say things that shock you? Are they sloppy and don't seem to care about anything they used to? What happened to your little angel?

     It is important to understand that your child is trying to let go of what their childhood once was. They are now becoming independent people and you as a parent need to learn about this new independent person and help guide them. It is important that you keep a sense of humor and show love, interest and support in the face of indifference.

     Accept these changes as normal and stay calm. Be consistent about rules and family values. Explain why you say no to them sometimes and the long-term consequences that you are considering.

      You should not assume that you know your child inside out - be interested in their new selves and be objective when dealing with them. Provide them with the information they will need to make proper decisions about their lives.

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