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Failed Relationships

     There are a few things that are sure to cause problems in a relationship. Use these tips as advice in what NOT to do:

1. Don't get too physical too fast (or faster than what you are comfortable with):
     By getting more physical than you want to you may end up sacrificing a lot of morals and stuff. You may feel pressured or not, but deep down inside you know you may only be doing because you think they the other person wants it and you want to please them. You may just end up feeling ashamed and resentment towards your partner.

2. Don't avoid talking seriously:
     If you don't talk to your partner about feelings and emotions, and only focus on topics such as small talk - you can never have a strong relationship that will last.

3. Don't become obsessed with each other and ignore your other friends:
     When you first start going out, you will most likely hang out with other people. But as things progress you may end up going into your own little bubble, only wanting to be with each other. Your friends may end up feeling uncomfortable around you when you are together.

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