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Popular Teen Magazines - Alphabetical

FAZE Teen - offers Canadian teens a look at current affairs, real life issues, famous people, science and technology, health and fitness, and more.

Motiv8 - focuses on helping students and youth navigate the school-to-work transition and provides career and labour market information.

PShaW - offers articles on life by and for teens.

Youth@Valleylinks - contains pages for teens on subjects such as jobs, fashion, health, music, and games.

BAMboozled - find truth in youth.

Bullseye - Target's hub for news, tips, product promos, and advice for teens.

Cteen - weekly news e-zine for teens.

Cyberteens - place for teen creativity from photo essays to posts of the week, haiku to music reviews, sonnets to suicide columns.

Eve - bringing down the patriarchy one Spice Girl at a time. Aiming to provide a sanctuary of depth and intelligence.

Fish in a Barrel (FIAB) - organization for bored and easily amused teenagers, with demendted jokes, music, sports, advice, and more.

idiot - written, edited, published, and read by teens who dislike pop culture, with editorials, fiction, poetry, reviews, art, and lots more.

Journal of Young Scientists - offering an online science magazine for teens and young adults.

Katrillion.com - daily breaking news as well as entertainment, fashion and sports coverage.

KiwiBox - articles, contests, and relationship advice and chat for teens.

LA Youth - writing, photos and art by and about teens.

LIFT Magazine Online - focuses on music, art, writing, sports, video games and issues that affect teens daily. Includes a guide to local resources for teenagers.

MH-18 - young man's guide to fitness, sports, girls, gear, and life.

Next Step Magazine - helps high school students with careers, jobs, college preparation and peer issues.

Pop-Up - information for young people about youth programs, training and employment, culture and society, science, and school life in Europe.

pupiline.net - for teenagers, by teenagers. Features information and advice on topics such as bullying, exams, careers, and more.

Reelteen - online magazine covering movies, celebrity gossip, and more.

Seventeen - chat, contests, quizzes, trauma-rama, style, entertainment, beauty, love, relationships, and other cool stuff.

Sound-Off, The - offers insight and advice written by teens.

Swerve - featuring news in fashion, music, entertainment, and more.

Techno Teen - produced for teen by teens. Contains a bi-monthly zine, school resources, chat page, tons of links, and a whole lot more.

Teen People - articles on stars, style, fashion. With celebrity chats, events, and more.

Teen Today - includes celebrity news and humorous articles.

Teen Vogue - official site. Includes fashion, beauty, and lifestyle advice for savvy misses.

Teen-to-Teen - a common place for adolescents interested in meeting teens from around the world. Discuss the issues that are important to you.

Teenfront.com - aimed at teenagers of all ages.

TeenTelevision.com - offering a teenage look into news about television.

Teenvoice.com - the electronic voice of teens.

Tucson Teen On-Line

Write Teen - online magazine for teens with poetry, stories, penpals, advice, and more.

Xfresh.com - portal for youth providing sports, entertainment, and fashion information.

y-generation.com - addresses topics from teen culture to youth health and fitness.

¡No Bien - a site for young adults to voice their opinions and write articles about happenings in their lives.

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