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What Makes a Healthy Body and Image

The three F's of a good body image - Feel Good about yourself, think about Fitness and eat good Food!

     Your body is going through lots of changes - and the changes you are going through are unique from other people your age. Everyone develops at different rates - it is nature taking its course and every body has its own growth patterns.

     It may seem like you body changes are beyond your control and in the hands of genetics - but there are some things that you can do to affect these changes. Diet and exercise are one way to ensure that your body stays fit and healthy. It is important that you don't focus too much on your body - focus on being happy, having good friends, and participate in sports - pretty much focus on feeling good!

You are under even more pressure just because of your Age!

     Teenage girls are under even more pressure than other age groups. Girls experience a variety of changes -one of which is increased body fat. This may lead to preoccupation with body image among teen girls. Not only are their bodies changing but also they are becoming more independent, making new friends, developing a love life, and increasing risky behavior. No wonder teen girls may be having troubles adjusting to all this change. As well, these changes lead to changes in eating habits as they are more independent and away from home where they would normally get well balanced meals. As well, they are now exposed to more pressure to look a certain way - to be thin like the media tells them.

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