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Getting Teens to Open Up and Talk

     For teens, these years are a confusing time and the average teen often prefers silence and reflection, Therefore, it may be difficult for you to talk to your teen at times as it may seem that they won't open up and talk. The issues that you may bring up may be the last things that they want to talk about. Perhaps your teen would rather talk about their hopes and dreams and fears than about what they did at school that day. Maybe they just want someone to listen.

     Perhaps, you could tell your teen something about your teen-hood as a way to relate to them. This also can take the pressure and focus off your teen and put it on you, opening the door and making your teen more comfortable in talking about what they wish to. Parents should recognize that some teens are introverts (shy and withdrawn) and some teens are extraverts (outgoing). Therefore, depending on which quality their teen has - the more apt they should be to expect (or not to expect) their teen to open up.

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