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     One of the biggest problems during adolescence is the power struggle that develops between teens and adults. Recognize it for what it is - the result of teens wanting to feel powerful in an adult world - and find ways of working through it together.

* Teens are learning to be adults, and they need room to breathe and learn the skills they will need. It's up to the adult to balance freedom and independence with good judgement about when to step in.

* When it comes to clothes and fads, teens can amaze us with their attempts to "fit in." While it's necessary to set standards, it is also important to refrain from making fun of a teen-ager's clothes or appearance, since painful put-downs can leave deep scars.

* Finally, communicate, communicate, communicate. Make a point to talk with teens when there's not a problem. Conversations with teens can be refreshing and insightful, and they should be a part of each day. Most take place in the presence of other people, so find occasions to talk with your teen alone, away from brother, sister and anyone else. And make sure you listen carefully to what is being said as well as what is not. Effective communication is, after all, the key to healthy relationships.

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