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Talking To Your Daughter About Menstruation

     It is important that girls know about menstruation well before the first menstrual period occurs. It is not a good idea for parents to wait until a girl is a certain age such to discuss the subject as all girls are unique and some develop faster than others.

     There are signs that you can watch for that can clue you into whether you child is approaching her first period, such as breast growth and pubic hair growth. To begin talking to her about menstruation explain the normal changes in puberty and the process of the menstrual cycle. As well, take the time to dispel any myths about menstruation - such as you cannot do sports or shower when you have your period. Reassure your daughter that it is natural and that it doesn't have to keep her from her normal activities. As well, this may be a good time to discuss with your daughter how she can best care for her body with daily baths, use of a deodorant, and frequent changes of pads or tampons.

     Contrary to prevailing myths, girls who are virgins CAN safely use tampons from their fist period onwards, if they choose. Help your daughter to prepare emotionally and in practical terms for her first period with her own supply of sanitary products, ready in advance.

     Feeling that menarche is a natural event can help a girl feel better about becoming a young woman.

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