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What to Do if You Can't Get Along

     You've given it some time and you've tried to like your stepmom or stepdad - but you just don't get along! You can't stop wishing that things were the way they were before. You need to ask yourself whether what is wrong is that you don't like the other person, or whether you don't like the fact that they are not your real parent anymore. If something is bothering you, it helps to figure out exactly where the problem is happening, and speak up.

     It's not easy sharing your parent and your home with a stepparent. Don't be afraid to let your real parent know that you miss them. They'll try to make an effort to make some time for just the two of you, and they'll also try to find a way that you can enjoy being with the whole family more. Try to remember that this new person makes them happy, too.

     If you're upset about things around the house, it's a good idea to have a family meeting. Everyone has to make compromises - you, your parent, and your stepparent.

     But if you just can't seem to get along with your stepparent no matter what, it's time for a major heart-to-heart with your parent, and maybe your stepparent, too. It is important to be careful not ot hurt your step-parents feelings when you are angry. Instead, explain why you're upset with your stepparent. Be specific about what the problems are and why you feel so angry.

     You might even go to a family counselor or therapist. Sometimes someone who doesn't live with you and knows how families work can help figure out how you can all get along.

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