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Getting Used to Stepparents

Who is this person to me?

     Suddenly having a new adult in your life and your home can be really tough. You'll probably have lots of questions, like what should you call this person? You already have a dad or mom. In some families, they use the stepdad's first name. Other families come up with different solutions.

What about rules?

     Are you supposed to do what your stepmom or stepdad says even though she isn't really your mom or dad? Well, you do have to listen when a stepparent makes a rule. Stepmoms and stepdads are adults who - just like your parents - are looking out for you. They're trying to take care of you and do what's best. So it's important to respect what they say. You need to give them the same respect that you would give any other adult who is responsible for you. Each day you go to school and follow directions from teachers and other adults, so you already know how to do that.

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