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     If you were designing a weight control program aimed at healthy weight control, healthy eating and increased exercise, what would you do? What activities? When? Where? She also asked if programs should include all kids or only overweight kids.

     Teens across the board want fun, interactive activities -- such as in-line skating, aerobics and yoga -- within a supportive environment. They want physical fitness facilities and programs to be available both during and after school hours and appealing, healthy foods.
Get involved! Bring these issues up to your parents and teachers in your school. Get involved in student counsel and fight for these benefits from the inside of the system.

Links for Websites that Promote Healthy Body Images in Larger Sized Teens:

Extra Hip - http://www.extrahip.com/
Publication dedicated solely to the millions of young plus-size women in America.
Big Beautiful Teen E-Zine - http://size-acceptance.org/bbteens/
An electronic magazine for plus-sized teens.
Large Teens - http://www.largerteens.com/
List of links for plus-size teens including fashion, modeling and magazines.
Teen Scene - http://radiancemagazine.com/spring99_teen_scene.htm
Teens write for Radiance magazine on issues of size and discrimination and self-esteem and acceptance.
Big Beautiful Goths - http://members.tripod.com/~Gothic_Chamber/bbg.htm
In honor, and admiration of the "bigger" Goth boy or girl.

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