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When Your Teen Has Trouble In School

     Your teen is going through a lot of changes when they begin high-school. These changes may have an impact on their functioning both academically and socially. Here are some ways to make sure that these changes don't have detrimental long-term effects.

* Have you teens grades fallen? You should talk to a teacher and try to discover the reasons. It could be that your teen needs more time and structure devoted to school work at home.

* Consider a temporary dip in grades as part of his/her adjustment if he/she has just started junior high or high school. But if the drop in grades is dramatic and sudden, it may be a sign that your teen is depressed, abusing drugs or alcohol, or in some other kind of trouble.

* Talk to your teen, with school officials, and, if need be, with a family counselor or psychotherapist to find ways to help.

* If your teen has trouble making friends, listen and help him find ways to make contact with others (for example, participate in extra-curricular activities or youth activities) to give him/her more confidence and more joy in his/her life.

* If your teen isn't interested in school, your interest and involvement may help to make a difference. Participate in PTA activities, go to school games, encourage him/her to develop school spirit. When your teen sees that what happens is worth interest, he/she might decide it's worth his/her interest too.

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