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Contraception - The Pill

1. Modern birth control pills are MUCH milder versions of their predecessors with few or none of the early reported side effects - don't let another woman's horror story keep you from trying the Pill if you are sexually active.

2. Taking the Pill is a personal choice, it is about sexual responsibility NOT sexual availability - taking the Pill does not mean you are a "slut", "sleaze", "easy" or "wanting it".

3. The risks involved in taking the Pill are NO GREATER than the risks associated with pregnancy and child birth, and there are very real benefits in taking the Pill.

4. Ortho-Tricyclene, one of the many birth control pills available, is also approved as an acne medication with success in controlling moderate to high, hormonally influenced breakouts.

5. If you smoke, the risks associated with taking the Pill are increased - a good reason NOT to smoke!

6. Although it is less common, it is still possible to get pregnant within 1 month of going off the Pill.

7. Despite advice you may have heard you DO NOT need to take a break from the Pill.

8. When used CORRECTLY the Pill is 95% - 99% effective.

9. When used INCORRECTLY the Pill is TOTALLY ineffective.

10. The Pill can NOT protect you against ANY STD's or HIV/AIDS.

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