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Your College Essay

     The essays on your college application are the most important items on the application. Through these essays you have the opportunity to convey to admissions personnel the things that are most important to you. Make sure that your essays contain information that is of some value. The best essays are not only well written, but present what are often ordinary events from an unusual perspective.

     In your essays, describe thoughts, events or personal characteristics that you have not communicated elsewhere in the application or in your interview. Be honest and accurate, and if you find out that the questions on the application do not allow you to tell something you feel the admissions committee should know, submit an additional sheet of paper.

Essay Tips

* Try to characterize yourself as someone special or unique. Set yourself apart from other applicants.
* Convey interest in the college's academic programs. Give well thought out reasons as to why you wish to attend the college.
* Draft your essays early so that you can rewrite them at a later time.
* Let your parents, teacher or counselor critique your essays.
* Your final essay should convey your thoughts concisely, be neatly written or typed and be grammatically correct.

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