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College Financial Aid

Do I qualify?

     Everyone who is a U.S. Citizen or a resident Alien can qualify by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The same goes for Canadian Students Contact the college as well, for their institution Financial Aid application. Lastly talk to your high school or college counselor for specific state aid information. For state and institutional aid is usually based on need - so income is a key factor. Merit Aid (or scholarships) are usually based on academic ability and or talent. Income may not be a consideration.

There are so many different College Financial Aid packages - How do I know which college to select?

      College cost may vary greatly. First determine how much you have to pay for overall. Inclusive costs are: Tuition, Room, Board, Fees, Books, incidentals. Also, consider how much does an apartment cost in the area. Next what percentage of gift/grant aid will you receive versus loans and jobs. In other words how much will you have to spend of your own money? Ask if your reward is guaranteed for four years? Every college has different financial resources and varied college aid philosophy and policy. Thus your Aid offer will not be the same for each different college.

How do I apply?

      Apply immediately after Jan. 1st. Go ahead and estimate your income. Priority filing dates vary. Some as early as February. Meet all deadlines. You need to obtain and complete the appropriate forms- you can obtain these from the financial aid office of your future college.

How can I get a scholarship?

      Make sure you complete an Institutional application. Look for merit scholarships based on talent and or scholastic achievement. Also, if applicable, ask your High School counselor for information.

Am I too old to get financial aid?

      You are never too old! Age is not a consideration for Federal or State Aid.

Do I have to be admitted to apply for financial aid?

      Some colleges require a financial aid applicant to first be accepted for admissions BEFORE their aid application will be reviewed. Check with the admissions office on their policy.

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