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Restaurant Jobs

     Restaurant jobs are fast paced and the key to doing well in these jobs is to make people happy. There are a variety of positions in the restaurant industry that you can choose from. If it is your first time working in this industry then you could start out as a host, busser, cashier or dishwasher. A more challenging position would be as a server - but even though it is harder you get to earn tips! This means money right in your pocket after you work. If it is your specialty you could even become a cook!

     No matter what position you take though- be prepared for an extremely fast paced environment and a lot of physical activity. People enjoy going out to eat as a type of entertainment and they want good food and good service to make their experience enjoyable - and good service means quick, friendly and efficient. It is important to keep the customers happy at all times and this will also help you get better tips!

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