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Retail Jobs

     If you like to be busy, interact with lots of people and to be on your feet alot then a position in a retail business would be good for you. As well, you may pick and choose which industry it is that you are interested working in. For example, if you love animals you could work in a pet shop, if you are interested in fashion you could work in a clothing store.

     Retail stores come in many different types - there are department stores that sell a large variety of items - such as Wal-mart and Zellers, there are grocery stores such as Loblaws and Loeb, there are specialty stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond, the Beauty Shop, computer technology stores, jewelry stores and various pet stores, clothing stores such as the Gap and Old Navy, Sporting stores such as Sports Authority and Sports Experts, and hardware and home improvement stores such as Ace hardware and the Home Depot.

     The best people suited for retail sorts of jobs are people who are out-going and high energy. It is important for you to be able to work in a busy, fast-paced environment, on your feet and to make customers feel welcome.

     As well, there are opportunities for you to move up in a company (as a manager and maybe in administration). If you start out at an hourly rate and do a good job, the company may promote you and this can be very rewarding.

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