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Talking About Birth Control

     Many parents feel that talking with their teens about birth control will either give the teens ideas, or communicate that they feel it is alright for their teen to have sex. However, parents need to realize that teens have ideas about sex even when they have not spoken to their parents about them yet and some teens may be having sex or be thinking about having it regardless of birth control. As a parent, you can give birth control information without giving your teen the message that now is the right time to make practical use of this knowledge.

Why even discuss birth control with your teen?

     It's vital to do so because your teen may choose to have sex despite your values and your wishes. If he or she makes that choice, the teen should know how to prevent an unplanned pregnancy which could turn an unwise choice into a life of hardship, even tragedy.

     Discuss the various methods of birth control using a book or pamphlet to help the discussion along, if needed. You can always add, "I want you to know this, but I feel that you're too young to have sex right now." Or, "I would prefer that you wait until you're older, or married, to have sex." By discussing the facts and your values you can help your teen to make wise choices.

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