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Pre-Teens & Sexuality

Talking about Sexuality to Preteens: A Parent's Responsibility

     It often is hard for parents to start conversations about sexuality, but it is necessary for your child to receive the correct information. To break the ice you could talk about song lyrics or a TV commercial that you have both witnessed and ask what they think about the issue first. If you can listen without overreacting or judging, they will listen when it is your turn to talk. You'll have plenty of time to state your own opinions calmly and give your girls clear information on your values.

     It's a good idea to gather some pamphlets, booklets or books on sexuality, health and birth control, because your talks probably will lead to a quest for more information. What you gather will depend on your values. School and public libraries, bookstores, churches, health agencies and your doctor all will be able to suggest publications.

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