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Vaginal Contraceptive Film (VCF)

     Vaginal Contraceptive Film (VCF) is a square of very thin material that dissolves quickly in the vagina and releases a spermicide that kills sperm. No applicator is needed. VCF is washed away with the natural vaginal fluids.

How do you use VCF?

     It is important that there is no contact between the vagina and penis before VCF is inserted because sperm is present in the pre-cum or pre-ejaculate.

* Remove one film from the package with dry fingers. Fold it in half and place over fingertip. Slide your finger, covered with the VCF film, into the vagina as far as you can go so the film rests on or near the cervix (at the top end of your vagina).

* Insert VCF not less than 15 minutes and not more than 1 hour before intercourse. If more than one hour passes since the VCF was inserted, insert another film. Use one VCF for each act of intercourse.

* VCF can be inserted by a woman or her partner. (Placing the film on the tip of the penis is not recommended because the film will not have enough time to dissolve, and because the film may not end up covering the cervical opening.)

How effective is VCF?

     VCF is approximately 80% effective in preventing pregnancy which is about the same as other spermicides. If VCF is used with another contraceptive method such as condoms, there will be better protection against pregnancy. Condoms also help in preventing sexually transmitted infections.

Does VCF cause any side effects?

     Vaginal contraceptive films seldom cause vaginal or penile irritation. Rare side effects may include itching, burning on urination, slight inflammation of the vagina, pain, and increased white discharge. If discomfort does occur at a time when you are using VCF, discontinue use. Should the irritation continue, consult your physician.

      It is important to follow the instructions on the package insert. It may take some practice to use this method and you need to feel comfortable with your body to insert it properly.
VCF can be purchased at a drug store without a prescription and is found with other contraceptive/birth control products.

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