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Contraceptive Sponges

* These can stay in your vagina for a maximum of 12 hours.
* Have sex as often as you want in the first 6 hours after your sponge is inserted


* Your sponge must be left in your vagina for 6 hours after last intercourse.
* Once removed, it can't be re-used.
* It's not recommended to be used during your period.

Where can I get them?

* most drugstores, without prescription
* some birth control clinics (at reduced costs.)

What else should I know?

* DO NOT DOUCHE before 6 hours have passed after the last intercourse. (Douching is NOT recommended at any time, but can reduce the effectiveness of the spermicide by prematurely washing it out.)
* different brands require different timing, so be sure to carefully read the specific instructions included with the product you choose.

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