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Sibling Rivalry

     Sibling rivalry occurs when a brothers and sisters fight with each other and don't get along well. Often there is a certain amount of problems that arise out of one sibling being older that the other and being able to do more than the younger. Sibling rivalry is a normal part of any kid or teens life.

      The word rivalry involves the idea of a competition - and that is what most sibling rivalry is - a competition between the two siblings for their parents or others attention.

What's Sibling Rivalry?

      Sibling rivalry can be a good thing. Competition is a healthy thing in anyone's lives and rivalry is common amongst siblings. Everyone experiences feelings of rivalry and competition. Often rivalry involves arguing. Everyone argues - adults and children, husbands and wives and even friends. It is important for you to remember that although you may argue with your brother or sister you still need to be fair and supportive to them.

Siblings fight for a number of reasons.

* They fight because they want a parent's attention, and the parent has only so much time, attention and patience to give.

* They fight because they are jealous: "He got a new bike. I didn't. They must love him more than they love me."

* They fight over ordinary teasing which is a way of testing the effects of behavior and words on another person: "He called me..." "But she called me...first."

* They fight because they are growing up in a competitive society that teaches them that to win is to be better: "I saw it first." "I beat you to the water."

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