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Your Responsibilities& Your First Month

As a parent you have two major responsibilities. They are:

1. to support your child by providing him or her with the necessities of life; and
2. to supervise and control your child.

     The necessities of life are more than just food, shelter, and clothing. They also include medical care, an education, and legal help when required. NOTE: Your failure to provide the necessities of life for your child may lead to your criminal prosecution for neglect.

Parenting your child - What to expect along the way!

The First Month:
The first month with your newborn baby is going to be a lot of fun. Here's what you can expect:

1. A lot of sneezing and hiccupping. This is perfectly normal.
2. Mottling of the skin when the clothes are removed - also normal.
3. Mucus accumulating in the corners of the eye and in the nose. This should be wiped away very carefully.
4. Cradle cap of the scalp - the yellowish scalp crusting seen during the first month and easy to cure with baby oil, a fine tooth comb and a shampoo.
5. Frequent startling and crying, along with noisy and irregular breathing.
6. Light sleeping, easily awakened, and very few sleeping through.
7. Cheesing or spitting up after almost every feeding.
8. A diaper that is almost continually wet, and so diaper rash is a problem.
9. The ability to hear right from birth and to be able to see bright lights and big objects with poor focusing.

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