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     There's no miracle solution for teething pain, and every baby (and their parents!) has to go through this development process. However, there are things I would suggest to try to make a teething baby more comfortable. If Orajel doesn't work, I would suggest trying Anbesol, another brand that is a local anesthetic. (Many parents swear that these products are wonder drugs!)

     You also might try simply rubbing the baby's gums with your finger - it's the rubbing that helps, with or without a commercial teething preparation. Even if your baby does not like using a teething ring, try putting it in the refrigerator and then giving it them. The coldness of the ring is often a relief.

     If your baby is suffering from a cough due to teething, raise the head of the crib. Teething does not cause a high fever. It's too easy to blame everything on teething which is why so many people do.

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