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Loss of Family

     The family breakup means the family has to restructure. It is rare that divorce is an amicable arrangement and often your parents' emotions will be running high. When your parents are feeling this way, it may be hard for them to see beyond their own hurt, anguish or anger. They may want to try and protect you from the stress of the situation, resulting in you feeling excluded and actually adding to your stress. Whatever has occurred to cause the breakup, both parents are important to you and should continue to play an important role in your life. Divorce does not have to mean the end of a family.

Birthdays and Holidays

     Holidays and birthdays after a divorce can be one of the most difficult things to deal with, especially in the first year when you'll have the first birthday, the first Christmas, the first anything spent without one of your parents. As each year passes it becomes easier, with you and your family much more comfortable and finding new ways to celebrate.

     Remember, your parents have divorced each other, they haven't divorced you, they are still your parents!

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