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My Parents Have Changed

     Do you feel out of control in this divorce? Well think of it from your parents perspective - not only are they dealing with this divorce, but also with the responsibility of children, guilt about an ended marriage, needing to figure out and reorganize a whole new life socially, personally, and emotionally, and not to mention money issues! No wonder they seem to be a little stressed and upset themselves!

     It may seem weird to watch your parents going through these troubles and trying to figure out what to do with their lives - they may seem to be acting a bit crazy and not like themselves, and even a bit impractical. They may tend to loose grip on reality for awhile - sort of like the overwhelmed feeling you are having.

     A divorce upsets a parent's life plan. When asked they may have no idea of what they wanted to do with themselves if they had never been married. A divorce is an upset of their planned out and well-organized life and they must now build a new one. As well, with all the divorce proceedings they may not even know what is going on with the divorce itself - such as issues of child custody and who gets what property. There isn't a sure fire plan of how to get through divorce and how to get through it happily - each persons divorce is as unique as their relationship was and they must figure out the details themselves.

     It might feel like your parent has forgotten all about you and that they should be taking care of you. Try to picture how you would feel right now if you were in their shoes. It is a good thing to try and help your parent out by telling them what your feeling and what you want to come out of the divorce. It will help if you try to make your needs and feelings clear to your parents.

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