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Anal Intercourse

     Anal intercourse is where the anus of one partner is penetrated by the other partner with either a real or fake penis. It can occur between a male and a female; between two males; and even between two females using a dildo, vibrator or other artificial penis. We've mentioned misconceptions before, so we'll offer another one here... many people seem to think that anal intercourse is something only gay males do. In truth, many, many male-female couples find anal intercourse pleasurable, and an exciting variation to their regular sex life. Some teen male-female couples even prefer anal intercourse because there is not a risk of pregnancy (there are other risks, however, as discussed below).

Negative Consequences:

     The most thought of negative consequence to having anal sex is that when done without a condom, it provides an especially receptive environment and route for passing sexually transmitted disease, particularly HIV . Even though there is no risk of pregnancy in anal intercourse, just like vaginal intercourse, sexually transmitted diseases are a real and serious possibility. Other negative consequences with anal intercourse apply to some people and not others, as anal intercourse can be very painful for some. And for those who do find anal intercourse painful, they find that it becomes less and less painful the more it is done, until it is no longer painful at all (quite the opposite). On the other hand, some find that it is very painful and never become comfortable with it.

Positive Consequences:

     While often painful at first, many people adapt quickly and find that once that pain subsides, the act of anal intercourse is extremely pleasureful. It turns out that the anal canal is full of nerve endings that provide pleasure, just as does the vaginal canal, and some sex educators even state that the anal canal is a 'sex organ'.

     Many couples (heterosexual and homosexual) find that the intimacy, closeness and emotional joining together in anal sex is very similar to vaginal intercourse. Many couples like the variety and excitement of trying something different, and, as mentioned before, some young couples practice anal sex because it is similar to vaginal intercourse, but without the risk of pregnancy. We don't want to give the impression here, though, that anal intercourse and vaginal intercourse feel the same... only that they are similar, especially in the sense of intimacy and emotion.

     As a side note to the girls.... if your guy wants you to try anal sex, we recommend seeing if he will try it also, and then both try it together! (and if he won't... you shouldn't feel any pressure or obligation to do it either!). Who knows, maybe you'll BOTH like it!!

Specific Risks:

     The number one risk to anal intercourse is the passing of STD's, and the use of a condom is an absolute must. There is also a small risk of anal bleeding and risk of passing more common bacterial infections - for fairly obvious reasons. Washing the anus with a gentle bacterial soap (maybe with both of you showering or bathing together - an erotic turn-on by itself!) will help ensure bacterial infection is not a problem for either partner. The other risk, as mentioned in the negative consequences, is that most find anal sex painful at first, and less so later on. It depends on the individual, their bowels, lubrication (lots of lubrication!!), and how gently and slowly penetration is done. Again, we cannot emphasize strongly enough that a condom should always be used in anal intercourse.

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