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Sexual Intercourse

      So what is sexual intercourse anyways? "Having sex" can mean many things. It can refer to intimacy or closeness between a man and a woman, between two men or between two women. "Having sex" doesn't just mean when a man's penis enters a woman's vagina. There are different categories of sex. Vaginal sex usually means having a man's penis placed inside a woman's vagina. Oral sex means one person placing his or her mouth on another person's genitals (penis, vagina or anus). Anal sex is usually when a man's penis is place inside someone else's anus, or butt hole.

Am I ready for Sex?

     Many of you reading this are facing this decision right now... AM I READY? Others of you will be making this decision sometime in the near future, and some readers have already made this decision and want to know how to make it the best possible experience for themselves and for their partner.

The Consequences of Having Sex:

     Before one actually has sexual intercourse, it only makes sense that they consider what the consequences of making that decision might be. To be honest, this is best done well before a sexual opportunity arises because when the hormones are raging, and the emotions are caught up 'in the moment', it is really difficult to give true consideration to those consequences. Listed below are the negative consequences to engaging in sexual behavior, and also what positive consequences there might be. Keep in mind that not every single person experiences all of the negative consequences and not every person enjoys the positive ones.


      When is it "right" to move ahead in your sexual growth to the step of having full sexual intercourse, and when is it right to put it off into the future?
That is the question we are going to tackle, as well as, the even bigger question of WHY you are contemplating full sexual intercourse. We use the term "full" sexual intercourse because there seems to have developed in our society an idea that oral sex, mutual masturbation and simulated intercourse/outercourse is NOT "having sex".

      The short and simple answer to WHEN is.... when it feels right to them. Not when it feels right to mom and pop, not when it feels right to the church, and not when it feels right to our politicians and government. Only YOU can decide when it is right for you - decide when you are 'ready'. It is important that whenever you decide to have sexual intercourse, that you do it FOR YOU, and because YOU believe you are ready. Don't do it for anyone else but yourself.

      However here are some things to think about and to consider about your reasons, and the best way to experience one's sexual growth is gradual and over time - starting with the 'small stuff', and working one's way up to the 'big stuff', such as full intercourse.

     We're going to break this into final pieces of consideration which you will find at the bottom links on this page - some basics thoughts on 'You Might Be Ready If...' , and, 'You Might NOT Be Ready If.....as well as consequences. None of these suggestions and things to think about are meant to be hard and fast RULES, and we don't expect a person to ensure they can answer every single question with the 'right' answer before they make their decision. But if you can answer a good portion of these, then you are probably heading in the right direction and are more likely to make the right decision for YOU.

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