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Sex & Peer Pressure

Everyone is Doing it! Dealing with Peer Pressure!

      It gets really confusing when it seems like all your friends are doing it. There are ways to deal with this pressure so that you make choices that are your own and not influenced by your peers. First off, remember that almost everyone has to figure out how to deal with peer pressure. It doesn't happen by magic, but here are some tips for keeping the pressure off:

* Date several people and hang out with different groups of people.
* Go out with a group of friends rather than only your date.
* Think of what you would say in advance in case someone tries to pressure you.
* Be ready to call your mom, dad or a friend to pick you up if you need to leave a date.
* Never feel obligated to "pay someone back" with sex in return for an expensive date or gift.
* Say "no" and mean "no" if that's how you feel.

Teen Dating Violence

      According to recent statistics, it is extremely likely that you or someone you know has experienced violence in a dating relationship. Dating violence can take many forms, including psychological and emotional abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse. It can occur in the context of casual dating or serious long-term relationships.

Click here for more information on Psychological and Emotional Abuse.

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