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Respecting Your Parents When Dating

     Ok, dating is a major step for you in the direction of adulthood - and like it or not - this is going to freak your parents out - their little boy/girl is growing up! So, to help your parents deal with the fact that you are going to be growing up before their eyes, there are some things you can do to ease their minds.

* Always give your parents lots of notice as to when you are going on a date. If you make a date for Friday night on a Monday afternoon - tell them that Monday night. This will give them time to mentally prepare for the BIG EVENT.

* Also, it is important that you tell them a bit about who it is that you are going on the date with - just so that they know you aren't dating someone ten years older than you or someone with a criminal record - YIKES! Also, it is good idea to have your parents meet your date when they pick you up, or if your parents are dropping you off at their house.

* Let your parents know where you are going to be going on your date. Bring a cell phone, or use a payphone to check in with them about halfway through so they know you are safe and ok.

* Lastly, make a curfew with your parents for when you will be home. If they are being ultra-strict try and reason with them and tell that they movie/party goes later than they want you home. Also, always call your parents if you are going to be late for curfew - I can guarantee you they are waiting expectantly at home for you, and if you are even 5 minutes late it will throw them into a frenzy!

Oh and remember - have fun and relax - this is supposed to be an enjoyable experience!

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