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Are You Ready for Sex

You Might Be Ready If...

* You've been with the same partner for at least six months (So you know you aren't rushing things )
* You are as concerned about providing pleasure to your partner as you are to yourself (Wanting your partner to have a positive first intercourse experience is important)
* You and your partner have had several conversations about sex, birth control and sexually transmitted diseases (Shows you are taking things seriously and being smart)
* You are having your first intercourse for YOU, because YOU want it and believe YOU are ready, and not for someone else (Maybe the most important when and why of all)
* You and your partner have visited a family-planning or teen health clinic together, and have both been tested for HIV and other STD's (Shows you are extremely responsible and mature)
* The two of you have already explored other forms of sex and other ways of being intimate together (Jumping right into intercourse can be more painful and less positive for the female - exploring non-penetrating sex first is a good idea)
* You are already comfortable with your body and being nude in front of your partner (That is one less thing to be nervous and anxious about - being comfortable during first intercourse increases the likelihood of a positive and pleasurable experience)
* You and your partner already know exactly what form of birth control and STD protection you are going to use (And have already purchased it, along with water-based lubrication)
* You can sit down and discuss your plans with your parents (Yeah, we know, not always possible with all parents unfortunately)
* You, on your own, have explored your own body, have already experienced an orgasm, progressing gradually toward sexual intercourse (You need to be able to communicate what you do and don't like to your partner)
* You KNOW in your heart that you are ready for this next step in your sexual exploration and development (No question about it, you are confident and sure of your decision)

You Might NOT Be Ready If...

* You don't know the other person very well (You don't know who they've had sex with, or if they have an STD)
* You just want to get your 'rocks' off (And if your partner has a good time, well, that's ok, too - being focused primarily on your own pleasure shows a lack of maturity)
* You've never masturbated with, or had oral sex with this partner (You really might be rushing things, and missing out on a more slow and sensual experience)
* You are in a hurry (Hey, if you're going to do it, you should take your time and do it right)
* You've never experienced an orgasm before (If you've not experienced an orgasm before, you need to focus on masturbation before having intercourse)
* You feel you will have to keep this a big secret from family and/or friends (You don't have to kiss 'n tell, but if you have to keep it secret, you might ask yourself why)
* You've never been nude in front of your partner before
(Is it because you are shy?, or not experienced? Have you spent enough time slowly and sensuously exploring each other's bodies?)
* You don't know what 'STD's' stands for (or what Herpes, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, AIDS, HPV, or Crabs are)
* You have absolutely no idea how you would handle it if you or your partner got pregnant (Or if you've never discussed this potential subject and risk of intercourse with your partner)
* You think it will make your partner love or want you more, or are doing it to satisfy them (A partner who truly cares for you won't pressure you to go further than you want to go)
* You don't know why you cannot mix an oil-based lubricant and a latex condom
(Especially if you don't know what an oil-based lubricant or water-based lubricant is)
* The first time you did ANYTHING sexual (like masturbate, or pet, or have oral sex) was less than a year ago (In other words, you may be rushing your sexual learning just a bit)

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